Your Guide on How to Choose the Right Marijuana Strain

The popularity of marijuana is growing over the years due to the recreational and medical benefits that they bring. It is the effects that you need that you are able to get once you are able to choose the right one. But you also have to understand that it is marijuana that comes with a lot of strains. Each strain will have its own distinct characteristics. The Sativa and Indica are the two basic types of marijuana.

Whenever you take a look at sativas then they are the ones that are known for their height and their leggy, and often sparse leaves. Once you take a look at sativas then they are also hard to grow indoors. Having long, thin leaves are the trademark of the Sativa plant. It is the strain that you are growing that will determine the odor that you will get from it. There are many people that want to use sativa due to their uplifting and energetic effects. It is you that will get a cerebral effect from this one. It is this one that will give you a positive feeling. Whenever you take a look at sativa then it will be able to provide you with pain relief in some conditions. Once you take a look at sativa then they are great for morning sessions.

A smaller sized marijuana is what you are able to get with indica. They are the ones that are short and bushy. Compared to the sativas, it is this one that grows wide and round. There are even some that will look like small shrubs. It is also this one that grows well indoors. Once you want to have that pleasant body buzz then it is indica that you need to try. If you are looking for an effect that includes relaxation, stress relief, and for an overall sense of calm and serenity then this one is what you should try. It is also the indica trans that are great for pain relief and insomnia. It is this one that you have to use in the evening especially if you want to have a good night sleep. It s a “couchlock” effect that you are able to get once you will be using the potent indica strains. And that’s why you are able to simply sit still and enjoy the smoke.

Once you are in the market then you will be able to see an entire spectrum of sativas and indicas. It is also these strains that can come in different combination. You need to remember that for you to find the right one then you might have to take some experimentation.

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